Work with Abbie
Take the guesswork out of revision. 

Submit 5-15 pages (at any stage) and receive personalized, 
actionable feedback to strengthen your writing and build your book. 

In a single, hour-long coaching session 
you'll learn:

  • A flexible, step-by-step outline to craft successful scenes.
  • The difference between flashback and backstory.
  • How to weave backstory and interiority into scene.
We will apply these elements to your pages, according to your story and writing style.

You'll leave the session with worksheets and new way of approaching revisions. 

Incorporating simple scene techniques can make 
the single biggest impact on a writer's work!

Special Offer through March 2023
$50 off a single coaching session, from $299 to $249.

Get professional feedback on your pages and a proven technique 
to strengthen your scenes - the building blocks of your book. 

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